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“Enjoy, relax and re-energize with our FREE fun dance videos. Dance to your favourite music, covered by the 5MinuteDance band”

Take 5…

and dance!

Do you like to dance? Relaxed and simple? Without feeling that you have to, or that you have to reach a work-out goal? That’s 5MinuteDance! Our choreographies are specifically designed to give you new energy. And: a smile on your face!


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At school

Music and dancing will help you to relax and focus better. Plus: it is a lot of fun! Dancing and having fun, with your teacher and classmates. You can do that at any time with our free videos! Take a look at our special kids page for all our videos 🙂

At home

When busy, regular breaks will help you to be more productive and help you to focus better. Make your break more fun with 5MinuteDance: relax mentally and physically and recharge your battery to your favorite music!

At work

The health and energy of yourself and your colleagues is important. 5MinuteDance will help you to take regular short brakes that will relax and re-energize. And what about a live 5MD-dancer to spice up a boring seminar or business event?

What about you?

Where do you dance? And with whom? Let us know! Send us an e-mail, a message via the website, or comment on YouTube, Instagram or Facebook. And: show us a video of your dancing adventures 🙂