Sandra Rotmans

Sandra Rotmans

Sandra studied Communication Sciences and has years of experience working as a group fitness instructor (aerobic, step-aerobic, BodyCombat, BodyBalance, Sh’Bam, Zumba). She is an enthusiastic entrepreneur and is always filled with new ideas.

Ton van Diepen

Ton van Diepen

Ton is a passionate musician. He is a pianist, conductor and guitarist and loves to learn new things. Making music is what makes him tick. He is a creative entrepreneur and loves to start new things.

About us

Ton & Sandra are married and have 5 kids together. They both are passionate about music. He loves to make music, she loves to dance to it. During her years of teaching group fitness classes, Sandra realized that a lot of people, of all ages, love to just dance with no goal in mind. This relaxes you, gives you energy and is just fun! That’s why Sandra came up with 5MinuteDance. With his band, Ton produces all covers and Sandra creates the choreographies.

Ton & Sandra have founded Prestige Vocal Groups in 2015 together. This very succesfull choir organization consists of 30 pop and rock choirs all over the Netherlands and continues to grow.

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